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Hacking Any Kind of account with the new Login Spoofer 2010

Posted: Monday, August 30, 2010 by Fyaz Ahmad in

Hello everyoneLogin Spoofer is The best Solution for hacking E-mail and Accounts. it can create many Professional phishing pages Like: (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, GameZer, Facebook) to Steal somebody's Account you have to push him to login in one of your fake pages, when the Victim Login as you told him, His account (Username/Password) will register in our database then you go to the software and press refresh then you'll find His Username & Password & IP & his OS Info...etc. Using and Downloading is free 100%.Screenshot:

hacking any Kind of account with the new Login Spoofer 2010

Features:* Easy, fast, Clean and Tiny !* Provide 16 Proffesional Fake Pages.* Notification of new victims is pretty fast !* No installation required (Portable).* Work on: Windows XP / Vista / Seven.* A small FTP is included with the file.* A Cleaner tool included (in case you want to Delete all your victims and Traces)


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