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Account Sniffer v3

Posted: Friday, August 27, 2010 by Fyaz Ahmad in

Account Sniffer has a single and multi profiler. It scans each account, grabbing profiles from it while displaying them in order as they were created and as they appear. It also detects the profiles for rares and all-stars. It then displays that information nicely in lists, while also displaying if the account is an allstar, the number of profiled usernames and number of rares underneath the profiles. You can input any 3 character delimter that you want that separates the username from the password(ex: ' - '; ' : '; ':'; '-' etc.) for the multi profiler.

How To Use:
Single Profiler:
Simply input the username and password in their correct text field.

Multi Profiler:
Add or Load a list of accounts in the list. Make sure you input the correct delimiter.
Username - Password (Delimiter would be ' - ')
Username:Password (Delimiter would be ':')

What's New In This Version?
-Everything was basically recoded to make the whole program much better and faster.

-New Design

-For the 'Show Password' option, whatever current list you are viewing you can save that list for the multi profiler. So if you have the 'Show Password' option checked for a list then you can save that list with the passwords, if you don't want to save the list with the passwords then simply uncheck that option before saving.

-The rare list will actually detect and count every rare in the list to give you the correct number of rare usernames.

-Added a few new options like fade in/out, sounds and a little fact box. I was a little bored and felt like making that fact of the day feature, so you can just choose the option to not show it at startup if you don't like it.


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