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Hack Windows Password Using Ophcrack Live CD

Posted: Saturday, February 12, 2011 by Fyaz Ahmad in

Recovery Windows Password Using Ophcrack Live CDHow to Create a Live CD to Crack Windows Password.

1. Download Ophcrack
  • Make sure you download the correct version. If you want to recovery the password on a Windows XP computer, click on ophcrack XP LiveCD. If you want to recover the password on a Windows Vista computer, click on ophcrack Vista LiveCD. The size of the Ophcrack LiveCD software is very large. The Windows XP version is 452MB and the Windows Vista version is 532MB.

2. Burn Ophcrack on CD
  • Burn the ISO image file on a CD/DVD. If the ISO file is not burned correctly, Ophcrack LiveCD will not work at all.
3. Insert Ophcrack CD into Computer

  • Navigate to BIOS and set the boot sequence to CD. Insert the Burned CD or DVD into CDROM drive and restart your computer.
4. Recovery Windows Password

  • Ophcrack Live CD will automatically start working on the password recovery for all user accounts using rainbow tables. The windows password cracking utility will take time to crack the password depending upon the password complexity. Following screen should be visible after Ophcrack Live CD recovers the password.
Recovery Windows Password Using Ophcrack Live CD5. Remove Ophcrack Live CD

  • Note down the cracked password on a piece of paper. If password shown is empty against the user account then you can log on to the account without a password at all. Remove CD and restart your computer.


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