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Store 7Gb with Gmail Drive !

Posted: Saturday, October 9, 2010 by Fyaz Ahmad in

It forms a New Drive at My Computer just like C: drive, and you can directly Login from here to your Personal Gmail Account without going to Any Browser and you don't need to wait long time to Upload stuff in there.. but you just have to copy and paste it over there..like you do in other drives

and Yeah!! its uploaded on your Gmail account Instantly.

So technically it acts a 7 GB flash drive extension where you can upload any stuff and access it anywhere for free..

Some More info about it :

GMail Drive is a Shell Name space Extension that creates a virtual drive in the Windows Explorer, allowing you to use your Google Gmail account as a storage medium.
It allows you to do basic file manipulation, such as copy and delete of files inside the Gmail account. Because it is a Shell Extension, the interface you work in is Windows Explorer itself.
GMail Drive appears as a virtual drive under your My Computer folder in Windows

Please note that GMail Drive is still an experimental tool. There's still a number of limitations of the file-system (such as total filename size must be less than 65 characters). Since the tool hooks up with the free Gmail Service provided by Google, changes in the Gmail system may break the tool's ability to function. I cannot guarantee that files stored in this manner will be accessible in the future.

Download Free :
GMail Drive v1.0.14 - download site #1 (Softpedia)
GMail Drive v1.0.14 - download site #2 (Betanews)


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