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Make Free Phone Calls PC to Mobile or Landline

Posted: Saturday, September 25, 2010 by Fyaz Ahmad in

Things That U will Need:
1. Internet connection.
2. Web Browser.
3.Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher.
4.Head Phone with mic.

Note : You Can Make only One Call using an IP in a Day. But It can be exceeded if u have dynamic IP like BSNL broadband....
Disconnect ur Internet and call again u will be able to make another call...

Steps Involved:

1.Open Your Web Browser and Visit the following Link:

2. Now You Will See Something like This:

Now Click Here as shown In picture to select your Country where you want to make call. 

3. Now Type the number as shown above and press dial button.
4. Just wait around 15 sec your call will be connected.(Ignore the small 10 sec video It will hide automatically.)


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